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reminder for bisexuals


today is bi visibility day. as such, bisexual people will be completely visible for the next 24 hours. this is a bad day to engage in bank heists, ghost impersonations, covert operations for vague yet menacing government agencies, and other common bisexual hobbies that rely upon our powers of invisibility. 

reblog to save a life. 

i took this in verona the morning after the arctic monkeys concert and everything was silent and still and i remember thinking that i would have given anything for the world to stay this way 

my hair is wet and i want to go to sleep, so i put a one direction towel on my pillow. sad fact: this is the closest i’ll ever get to sleeping with harry styles.

“The fact is, men always get a much easier time about their problems than women do. Just look at Keith Richards. That guy has done more drugs in his life than women do. But he gets celebrated as this cool survivor, while I’m branded as some shameless skank.”

Courtney love (via ciggy)

  • Teacher: "Can you please tell the class why you're so late?"
  • Me: Someone told me to go to hell
  • Me: Couldn't find it at first
  • Me: But now I'm here

Niall Horan parties at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas, september 19th 2014 [x]